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A heating system installed under the floor is called a floor furnace. This furnace operates by distributing heated air into the room, where the air scatters. The vent distributing heat is placed above the furnace, covered by a metal grating at floor level. The floor furnace is fueled by gas and has a pilot light inside. The pilot ignites the flame when it is turned on to create heat. Being a common heating system in older homes, the floor furnace is a suitable option for homeowners who wish to renovate their older homes that do not contain ductwork. Ductwork is not necessary since these floor furnace systems release heat directly into the home.
Usually one can find gas-fired floor furnaces in homes built in the early 1950’s. When accurately installed, repaired in time, and maintained, these heating systems serve as a reliable and comfortable heat source. Flat, wall-register type, and double-sided wall register type are the three major types of floor furnaces. They can be installed only over an elevated, unoccupied under floor space. Such furnaces obtain their combustion air from below and cannot be installed in houses with block foundations.

Floor furnaces can sometimes turn into a collection spot for dust, pet hair, children’s toys, etc. In this case they become difficult to clean. Nevertheless, appropriate cleaning, repairing and maintenance are important for the safe running process of the system. Before operating the floor furnace, make sure that nothing flammable is inside. If the furnace was has not recently been in use, heated dust and debris will start to smell and it will be hard not to notice during the inspection.

It is often difficult to find a heating professional who recognizes the problems related to floor furnaces. Fortunately, our technicians at Anaheim Plumbing & HVAC know how to repair and maintain the demands of these heating systems. Older units may need repair or replacement at any time.. Though some homeowners prefer their floor furnaces gutted and the outer box and grating modified for use as a return air vent for a forced air unit. Other replacement possibilities are wall furnaces or direct vent units.

Whatever option you choose, we will gladly provide maintenance and repair of the floor furnaces in Anaheim and all of the Orange County. Contact us today for further information.




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